Salad “Bulgarian Caprese

300            13,90lv.

/peeled tomatoes, farmer`s fresh buffalo cheese, walnuts, parsley and olive oil/

Mixed salad leafs with spelt, baked beetroot and marinated white cheese

250            9,90lv.

Mixed green salads with avocado, cherry tomatoes and quinoa

250      11,90lv.

Caesar Salad with smoked mackerel fillet

280            12,90lv.

Stewed beef tongue with salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan

250            17,90lv.

Russian salad “Vinaigrette” with hot smoked salmon and marinated asparagus


Bulgarian salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheese and olives

300            9,90lv.

Peeled tomato with mozzarella, arugula and olives paste

300            12,90lv.


280            13,90lv.

/lettuce, quinoa, smoked salmon fillet, carrot, avocado, pumpkin nuts/


Trio appetizersHummus, olive paste and carrot and cucumber fresh cheesy-basil starter

250            10,90lv.

Sea duet with smoked fish and spread roe

250            11,90lv.

Shrimps in Asian style

200            17,90lv.

Crispy sticks polenta with blue cheese and thyme

230            11,90lv.

Brie cheese in crispy crust with homemade fig jam and hazelnuts

180            13,90lv.

Grilled vegetables with parsley pesto and baked white cheese

250            11,90lv.

Fried black lentil croquettes

230            9,90lv.

Fried onion “Lotus” with Tartare sauce

250            9,90lv.


Stewed millet with porcini mushrooms and spinach

300            13,90lv.

/millet, porcini , dried tomatoes, spinach, celery cream, Parmigiano/

Risotto with asparagus and goat`s cheese

250            14,90lv.

Super food bowl

250            9,90lv.

/quinoa, millet, chickpeas, spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrot, chili pepper, garlic/

Chicken fillet with Champagne sauce and grilled vegetables

300            15,90lv.

Chicken fillet roll with mozzarella and dried tomatoes, mashed potatoes and spinach veloute

320            16,90lv.

Chicken steak with homemade French fries and Bulgarian Tomato Salsa

300  12,90lv.

Pork shank with wine sauce; mashed potatoes

300            16,90lv.

Pork loin steak with mashed potatoes and baked onions

300            14,90lv.

Marinated pork ribs with BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes

350            18,90lv.

Homemade sausage with French fries and tomato salsa

300            12,90lv.

Stewed beef and risotto with mushrooms

300            22,90lv.

Stewed beef cheeks with wine reduction, celeriac cream and mashed potatoes

300            28,90lv

Ashi Permentie with chopped Black Angus meet

280            18,90lv.

Bass fillet on saffron risotto with Hollandaise sauce

300            20,90lv.

Salmon fillet with green beans, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

300            21,90lv.


Baklava cheesecake

200            7,90lv.

Chocolate mousse with fine raspberry puree

200            8,90lv.

Poached Pears with deconstructed Cheesecake

200            8,90lv.

Vegan pumpkin mousse with chia seeds, soaked in orange juice; caramelized apple cubes  

200            6,90lv

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